AmeriCamp has been named Best Summer Camp Organisation for Camp in America for Five Years Running!

If you’ve ever considered about going to work at a camp in America there really is only one choice. Obviously that choice is the one and only AmeriCamp!

For the past five years running AmeriCamp has been independently named “Best Summer Camp Organisation” by Save The Student. This is solely due to the fact that AmeriCamp pays all applicants the largest salaries, charges the lowest program costs and offers a great flexi flight policy, coupled with their unbeatable and friendly customer service. It’s the best and most famous award in the Summer Camp in America industry and if that isn’t enough to persuade you then we are always able to offer discounts to ThaiJobs participants!

They ensure that all AmeriCamp applicants are not just a number, but a VIP that are welcomed into the AmeriCamp family with arms wide open! They want to offer you the best service in the industry and the best possible Summer experience in America that will leave you with lifelong memories and friends!

Below are some of the testimonials of those that love AmeriCamp just as much as we do.

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What is AmeriCamp?

The sole reason we founded AmeriCamp was to offer the highest salaries and lowest prices to people all around the world that wanted to work at what many refer to as “Camp America”. Since we began we have managed to maintain our original mission statement which was to the benefit of the thousands of people that have done AmeriCamp whilst of course giving out lots and lots of #FreeBiscuits.

As well as having an unforgettable summer in America, there are a number of benefits to becoming an AmeriCamper!

  • Salary – At least $1550 salary guaranteed, if you’re aged 19 years old (up to $1845 salary is possible with an extra $35 per extra day that is worked beyond the dates within your contract).
  • Placement – Placement at one of the best camps in America.
  • Free Food – All meals covered whilst you work at camp.
  • Free Accommodation – Free accommodation for the duration of your camp placement.
  • Health Insurance – Comprehensive medical insurance for the full duration of your camp contract.
  • Emergency Hotline – 24 hour helpline in the USA if you have any problems.
  • Visa – Guidance and sponsorship for your J1 visa and cultural exchange permits.
  • Flights – Flight flexibility and Discounted Flights.
  • Travel – Once you have completed your placement you have the option to travel for 30 days before you return home!
  • Support – Full support throughout the application process.

As an AmeriCamper you will get access to a number of other benefits!

AmeriCamp - Summer Camp America 2016

  • More money overall with us than other organisations
  • Work opportunities following completion of summer camp placement in your domestic country.
  • Personal help with your application at our AmeriCamp HQ in Manchester if you require it.
  • Brilliant personal customer service
  • Fun Orientations, we will make sure you are fully prepared to camp and introduce you to people going to the same camp
  • Flexible interview process – We can even interview you over Skype.
  • #FreeBiscuits
  • A great tan.
  • Free AmeriCamp T-Shirt
  • Discounted hoodies and t-shirts.
  • Great addition to your CV.
  • Invitations to AmeriCamp re-unions and events
  • Friendships that will last forever all around the world
  • Fantastic work experience
  • Memories that will last a lifetime

AmeriCamp FreeBiscuits

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Did you know?

AmeriCamp was the first organisation to become verified on Twitter in the entire Summer Camp Sector! Check them out on Twitter by clicking here. Just like us they too like #FreeBiscuits x