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Teach in Thailand – Terms & Conditions
Bangkok, Thailand.

  1. Dishonor – Dishonoring the teaching contract is taken very seriously by all the parties involved in this project: ISLAND TEFL, ISLAND TEFL RECRUITING (ITR) and the placement schools. It is important to understand that the process is not a simple one. When we guarantee your placement it is also our commitment to the school, based on which they plan their semester or school year for their students. When a teacher breaks this contract the whole chain is disrupted and all concerned are affected. This has happened a few times in the past which has compelled us to take a strong stance against teachers who dishonor their contract. Offending teachers can expect the immediate cancelation of their visa and work permit that they received through the School.


2. Accommodation – This program includes shared accommodation during the Meet and Greet and Orientation Program in a reputable hotel in Bangkok. Two teachers will share a room and each will have their own twin bed. If private accommodation is desired this can be arranged for a nightly surcharge of 900 THB. At the school where the teacher will be placed they will only be provided accommodation 24 to 48 hrs prior to the commencement date. Teachers may have to organize their own accommodation for a period up to 7 working days between the completion of the Orientation Program in Bangkok and before the start of the teaching assignment. This is because different schools have different dates for the commencement of the semester. For those schools that are unable to offer accommodation those teachers will receive accommodation assistance and an accommodation allowance of 3,000 THB per month.

3. Salary – Salary offered to the teacher is 30,000 THB (approx. $1,000 USD which is about 2-3x what a local Thai teacher earns) per month plus rent-free accommodation during the teaching assignment. In some schools the salary is more than 30,000 THB per month depending on schools’ HR policy. At no point the salary will be less than 30,000 THB per month. However, teachers who are getting more than 30,000 THB per month and those who are not getting more than 30,000 THB must understand that ISLAND TEFL and ITR have no control over the additional payment which is purely the individual school’s decision in keeping with their own HR guidelines. Please note that for those schools that are unable to offer rent-free accommodation teachers will receive accommodation assistance and the minimum salary that these teachers who are not offered rent-free accommodation, will receive is 33,000 THB per month. Housing – All accommodation contracts require a deposit amount of 1-2 month’s rent which is refundable after the teacher vacates the premises. Some schools cover this deposit and deduct the same amount from the teacher’s salary while others may ask the teacher to pay for this. Depending on individual teacher accommodation preferences, this total deposit can vary from around 5,000 THB on the low end to 15,000 THB on the high end so please prepare for this accordingly.

  1. Teaching Assignment Start Date – The school assignment for all teachers is likely to begin from late October early November until the end of March. Your shared accommodation during the orientation is covered until 24th October, 2014 (12 noon) by Island TEFL and ITR at your Bangkok hotel. After this date you have to organize your own accommodation until the school accommodation is available which will depend on the commencement date of the school. If school provided accommodation is not available to you please budget for this accordingly. The details of the commencement date will be known and announced during the Orientation Program. While every effort is made to take into account your preference for age group to teach and environment to live in it is not possible to cater to individual preferences and requests for school location and school type for teaching assignments. Your placement depends on school vacancies and the requirement of the individual schools.


6. Performance in School – Placement schools’ administrative staff it will be the ultimate decision maker on teaching performance and whether to continue the teacher contract or terminate it. ITR plays no role in this. Teachers whose contracts are terminated by their placement school for poor performance can expect to not be offered another teaching placement by Island TEFL or ITR.

7. Deposit in Resort/Hotel – You need to provide your credit card as guarantee for any incidental charges, other than your room tariff, that you incur  during your stay at the hotel such as food, drinks, telephone and Internet etc. Your credit card won’t be charged until you incur extra charges during your stay. It will be charged only when you spend on incidental items such as those above. You are requested to carry your credit card / debit card for this. If you don’t possess one, please note you will be asked to keep a cash amount of 1000 THB (approx. $30 USD) as a guarantee.

8. MOE rules – Since the Thailand Ministry of Education (MOE) changes the rules from time to time, any additional costs for obtaining a teachers license or any consequences from a change in the current rules will not be the responsibility of Island TEFL or ITR.

  1. Transportation – Applicants that complete the ITR Orientation Program in Bangkok will receive 500 baht in cash from ITR to cover the cost of public transportation to their placement location. We will furnish all teachers with detailed information as to how to get to their placement school.

10. Teaching – You should look forward to a maximum of 25 hours of teaching per week. The duration of a class is usually between 40-60 minutes, depending on the school. Although the Thai MOE intends to reduce class sizes to no more than 20 students, currently it is not uncommon to have class sizes of up to 30 or even 50 students, so please come prepared accordingly.

11. Insurance – Most schools only provide the basic mandatory insurance which covers only for accidents that occur within the school and they only cover for hospitalization of more than 24 hours. While some schools cover insurance of both IN-PATIENT AND OUT-PATIENT medical needs. We would suggest you consider paying 1,200 THB per month for an additional health Insurance policy. Once the Insurance application is approved, this amount is non-refundable even if you withdraw from the teaching contract. Details on this policy will be provided by ITR upon request.

You are advised to arrive in Thailand with a travel Insurance policy intact which should cover you for at least your first one and half months stay in Thailand until your purchased Thai insurance policy kicks in.

I understand that Island TEFL and/or ITR may provide me with a list of recommended independent insurance carrier(s). However, I understand that neither Island TEFL nor ITR are responsible for any transactions that may take place between me and any such third party.

I declare that I understand that foreign students residing abroad may be required to acquire medical insurance which will cover any medical expense as well as the costs associated with the necessary arrangements in case of death. I hereby agree to make such determinations, preparations and arrangements including the purchase of supplemental insurance on my own, as necessary to secure my entry, extended stay, and general well-being or as may be required by the law of the country in which I will reside.

By applying to ThaiJobs you agree to these Terms and Conditions in their entirety. Depending on where the breach occurs will stipulate the jurisdiction of the terms and conditions as a whole.