Why ThaiJobs?

With ThaiJobs every applicant is personally dealt with, you are not a number to us, you are a name and we make sure you know this. From the very start of the application process, right through to you teaching in schools, the ThaiJobs team will be there to guide you through. By the time you start teaching in schools, we ensure that all of our applicants feel fully confident, capable and ready to go; so with ThaiJobs, you really can take a breathe, relax and take the process step by step.


Both our UK and Thailand offices have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field so there is no question we can’t answer. Our team are made up of people who have a passion for travelling, many of which have spent significant amounts of time in Thailand and South East Asia and a number of which have had experience teaching children before. As a result of this, we can tell you what to pack and where to shop, give you hints and tips for dealing with a classroom full of children, and even tell you what the weather is like in Thailand today, the possibilities are endless.



We know moving to a foreign country can seem daunting at first, and that safety can be a concern. At ThaiJobs we regard the safety of all of our applicants with upmost importance and that is why we only work with pre-approved screened schools that we know we can trust. All of our schools we work with offer full support to the teachers we place there, ensuring they are comfortable in their surroundings, including in the accommodation they are placed in. In addition to this, ThaiJobs has 100% backing and approval of the Thai Ministry of Education, so you know we are a name you can trust.

If the above has not yet convinced you, you only need to look at our amazing Sister Companies, AmeriCamp and AusJob, they are verified on Twitter for a reason! AmeriCamp has been voted Number 1 Summer Camp Organisation by Save the Student for a number of years due to their personal service and insistence on getting every applicant the best deal and highest wages possible. Here at ThaiJobs we have ensure that this ethos is continued into everything we do, and we truly will give you an experience like no other!

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If you need any more convincing, why not pop into our offices to see what all the fuss is about? We can give you a quick game of Ping Pong or just a lovely cup of tea and biscuits aplenty.